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Exciting New Bobby Chez “Made For QVC” California Shrimp Burger

If you are a seafood lover who loves to grill

in the summer read on.  Bobby's New!!!

"Made For QVC" California Style Shrimp

Burger will be introduced this Monday on

QVC on "Food Fest" with Sharon Faetsch and

Dan Wheeler at 4:00 pm.  This delicious and

healthy burger is chocked with shrimp


garden vegetables including corn, broccoli,

green beans and carrots and has just the

right secret spices to make you say

 "WOW"….You will never eat a beef burger

again!  The best part is it is only 180

calories so you can put it on a bun if you like

and not feel like you are being bad.  Don't

miss this exciting new product and remember

you can only buy Bobby's California Shrimp

Burger on QVC!