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Why we are the best

Simply The Best Crabcakes … Anywhere !

Bobby Chez Seafood has been chosen as
“The Best Of”!

We’ve lead the pack in the prestigious “Zagat Survey of New Jersey Restaurants”.

“Zagat” plainly spells out why Bobby Chez Seafood is simply the best around:

… Heavenly, “chock-full-of-crab” Crabcakes that just might be the “best in the universe” are the house specialty at the Cherry Hill seafooders offering limited seating, but a roaring “take-out” trade; even though crab is king here, the lobster mashed potatoes and “spicy shrimp are to die for” too, so anticipate “long lines all day.”

Our “Zagat” rating for food quality is really what Bobby Chez Seafood is all about. Our score of “26 out of 30” points shows that we have indeed achieved what we set out to do: provide the best food to our customers.

(Food Quality Scale: 0-9 poor to fair :: 10-15 fair to good :: 16-19 good to very good ::

20-25 very good to excellent :: 26-30 extraordinary to perfection)