Bobby’s Short Rib Smashed Burger


Enjoy a freshly prepared Short Rib Smashed Burger created by a master chef any time for an easy to prepare meal. Order your very own Short Rib Smashed Burger today!

5.3 ounces

$49.99 for 2 boxes of 6 burgers (12 burgers total)

Are you a burger lover? You've found your ultimate burger!  Made with a blend of the finest cuts of USDA choice short rib, brisket and sirloin,  Bobby's Short Rib Smashed Burgers are all natural and gluten free with 100% flavor with zero fillers.

Our "smashed burger technology" delivers a premium texture and a handmade quality with less shrinkage when cooked. The rich texture and bold flavor makes as a classic burger but  can be used many ways for a delicious meal.

Our burgers are flash frozen to preserve freshness and flavor, individually wrapped for convenience and easy to prepare.  Simply grill or cook in a fry pan and top with your family's favorite fixings. The rich texture and bold flavor makes as a classic burger but can be used many  ways for a delicious meal.


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