Bobby’s Macaroni & Cheese Balls


Treat your friends, family or yourself to a a memorable delight. One bite and you will be “hooked” …nothing comes close to a Bobby’s Macaroni & Cheese Balls.

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1.5 ounces  $44.95 box of 20

Crunchy on the outside with a savory surprise of creamy cheese on the inside...  Take a bite into one of our customer's favorite menu items...Bobby's Macaroni & Cheese Balls!

Perfectly wrapped inside a crispy golden brown shell, Bobby's Mac & Cheese Balls are a burst of bold cheesy flavor.  We start with our delicious creamy Mac and Cheese, then form into balls wrapped in Japanese Panko.  We lightly fry then flash freeze for freshness.  These perfectly sized portions are fast to prepare and even easier to bake,  so you can serve as a snack or side any time!  A favorite of kids and adults alike, you can quickly prepare the Mac and Cheese Balls as an after school treat or a quick, delicious game day appetizer.

Steal the show at every family gathering and order your Homemade Mac and Cheese Balls today!

Japanese bread crumbs which absorb less oil, then flash fry at the peak of flavor to retain flavor and freshness.  So easy to prepare,  just bake from frozen and enjoy a delicious  lunch, brunch or dinner for less than 300 calories!


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