Spicy Shrimp Puffs


Treat yourself or your favorite seafood lover to an exquisite gourmet dish  without leaving the house, made by award winning chef Bobby Chez!

4.0 ounces

$89.99 box of 10

From the maker of the "World's Best Crab cake" comes another delicacy for seafood lovers everywhere!  Crafted from fine imported Ecuadorian shrimp, Bobby Chez Spicy Shrimp Puffs are four full ounces of whole shrimp sautéed and blended in his secret gourmet roux and premium spices.  We sauté whole shrimp, then fold in Bobby's secret creamy roux made with  roasted red pepper,  chipotle chili and spices with just a hint of Smokey heat to create a scrumptious "Bold American"  flavor.  We then roll in Japanese panko breadcrumbs and lightly fry to a crispy golden brown and flash freeze to retain freshness and flavor for a mouthwatering burst of flavor in every bite!

Each serving is less than 300 calories and so easy to prepare, just bake in your oven and serve!  An elegant addition to any brunch table, each four ounce  portion is generous enough to serve as a standalone meal with pasta or a side dish.


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